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Lake Harriet Community Child Care provides learning environments for children between the ages of six weeks and school age. Below, you will find information on each of our classrooms. 

Our goal is to create a community where children feel comfortable asking questions, trying new things, and being curious. As well, we encourage everyone to take pride in what makes them unique while learning about and embracing those around them.


LHCCC's classroom sizes and teacher to student ratios are below: 

Infant: 8 (1:4)

Toddler: 14 (1:7)

Preschool A: 7 (1:8)

Preschool B: 8 (1:8)

Pre-K A: 9 (1:9)

Pre-K B: 9 (1:9)



Six Weeks to Sixteen Months


We love letting our infants explore! Our infant space has room for eight children and includes a separate nap room to ensure plenty of time for a peaceful rest. We make sure all infants grow and learn at their own pace by providing plenty of tummy and floor time, sensory activities, and age-appropriate learning materials. As well, in the warmer months we go on neighborhood walks and even splash around in water tables, just like the big kids!

*Waitlist Closed*


Sixteen Weeks to Thirty-One Months


The toddler room is a busy place! We make sure toddlers have plenty of chances to work one-on-one with teachers, in small groups, and with their whole class. Our toddlers get outside as much as possible, as well. Even in the winter, the toddlers go outside to explore and play! 


The toddlers have daily art classes, short circle times to learn songs and read books, and plenty of time to play!


*Waitlist Open*



Thirty-One Months to Four Years


Our preschool room is designed to encourage independence and social and emotional health all while doing what preschoolers do best: having fun!  We use a curriculum that focuses primarily on math and literacy skills while incorporating motor skills, science and social studies, and letter and number recognition. Each week, the class will focus on a new theme such as camping, superheroes, nocturnal animals, and so much more!

While there are structured activities planned every day, we also find it extremely important to have plenty of opportunities for self-guided learning and play. 

*Waitlist Open - Currently enrolling for Fall 2024*


Four Years+


In Pre-K, we aim to help everyone (guardians included!) get ready for the transition to kindergarten! Our Pre-K students continue the curriculum they began in the Preschool Room and start to add more writing and math activities. As well, all students have daily jobs in the classroom such as snack helper, weather checker, and line leader. 

*Waitlist Open - Currently enrolling for children attending kindergarten in Fall 2025*

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