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 For a short period of time, children get to experience the joys of getting messy and making mistakes in a space that allows for just that. At LHCCC, we like to encourage children to step out of their comfort zones while also understanding there is a safety net to fall back on. Sometimes, this is engaging in a barefoot sensory activity as they learn what  jell-o feels like between their toes and other times this may be trying to count out loud by tens instead of ones. We want children to feel safe trying new things but also at ease engaging in routines. 


Art is very important at LHCCC! We love to let children explore their creativity through process art projects, but we also value the important of following instructions to create product art. We try to do daily and weekly art projects and display them throughout the center. Check out some of our artists' work below!

We use a curriculum created by a former Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Plemons. The curriculum is designed to focus primarily on math and literacy skills while incorporating large and fine motor skills, science, and social studies. Instead of focusing on perfecting skills the first time around, the curriculum centers around repetition and exposure to similar concepts but applied to different themes. 

The preschool and pre-kindergarten classes have daily learning centers and circle time while leaving plenty of time for student-led activities. Below, you can find a few of the sample lesson plans!  

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