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Lake Harriet Community Child Care


LHCCC does not offer three days or less for the Infant and Toddler Rooms.

If enrollment allows, less than four days may be allowed in the Preschool and Pre-K Rooms.


Six Weeks-Sixteen Months

Five Days: $358/week

Four Days: $310/week

*Registration & Waitlist Closed*


Sixteen to Thirty-One Months

Five Days: $325/week

Four Days: $282/week

*Registration & Waitlist Closed*


Thirty-One Months-Four Years

Five Days: $276/week

Four Days: $256/week

*Currently not Enrolling*


Four Years+

Five Days: $276/week

Four Days: $256/week

*Enrolling for Fall 2022*


LHCCC is a nonprofit childcare and preschool that provides a sliding fee scale as well as short- and long-term scholarships. Additionally, we aim to provide teachers with professional development opportunities, career support, and livable wages and benefits. 

What Parents Think

“We deeply value the care at LHCCC. To have teachers that truly care about my child makes being without them all day so much easier. I trust LHCCC. We hope to be with them for years to come!”