Pre-K Room

4 years-School Age

1:10 Ratio

4-Days: $248/Week

5-Days: $268/Week

The Pre-Kindergarten Room is in a shared area with the Preschool, which is separated by partition walls. This allows for friends to visit or be helpers on special days, which increases the ease of transitions from the Preschool to the Pre-K. As well, the Pre-K is next to the Muscle Room, which allows the Pre-K to have plenty of active play.

The Pre-K has two lead teachers. If the classroom becomes full and we decide an extra pair of hands would be helpful throughout the day, and aide or assistant teacher help them throughout the day. In the Pre-K, we try to teach independence, critical thinking, and Kindergarten Readiness.

Teachers often ask children to work out problems with friends on their own, to figure out problems independently, and to use their words when explaining why a certain action or behavior bothered them. As well, Pre-K students work very hard on sitting nicely for circle time, writing activities, and reading practice.

Pre-K teachers work with parents to ensure children are ready (and excited!) for Kindergarten! In May, we have a Pre-K graduation to congratulate those leaving for Kindergarten on all of their growth and success!


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