• Meredith

Weekly Theme: Space (February 21st-February 25th, 2022)

We're going to space! This week, we have a lot of new books. We'll be reading I Want to Be an Astronaut by Byron Barton, Me and My Place in Space by Joan Sweeney, There's No Place Like Space by Dr. Suess, Mousetronaut by Mark Kelly, and Oo by Bruce Larkin.

The preschool has prepared an out of this world sensory bin to explore. Make sure you ask them about their space fun space rocks! We will also be using ice to paint planets, talking about words that start with 'O' and practicing writing them, and talking about what it's like to be an astronaut in space.

Astronauts got their name by combining the Greek words astron nautes. It translates to "star sailor."

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