• Meredith

Weekly Theme: Fairy Tales (February 7th, 2022-February 11th, 2022)

We're very excited to read and learn about fairy tales this week! We've tried to find versions of the traditional tales that the children maybe haven't seen before. This week, we'll be reading Hansel & Gretel by Bethan Woodlin, Goldilocks & the Three Bears by Jan Brett, The Three Little Pigs by Mei Matsuoka, and Red Riding Hood by James Marshall.

We will all be working on making fairy wands and crowns. In the older classrooms, they'll practice retelling stories using Cinderella and Snow White. We'll get plenty of counting practice by building Jack's beanstalk and working with Rapunzel's counting cards. There will also be salt trays available for working on tracing letters.

What fairy tales do you like to read at home?

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