We're moving!

In early September 2021, Lake Harriet Christian Church (where LHCCC has been located for over thirty-eight years) made the decision to sell their building, leaving our child care with a tough decision: find a new place in the neighborhood to call home or call it quits.


Calling it quits never seemed like an option. Lake Harriet Christian Child Care has long been a source of dependable, affordable care in the neighborhood. As well, we have provided employment and career advancement opportunities to educators, some who have been with us for two decades. 

Megan and Meredith went to work right away, determined to find a location that kept us nearby and ensured we would have a spot for all our families and staff. Within a day, we found a location that seemed too good to be true.  We knew it was going to be difficult to find a place that was close in location, didn't already have a childcare, had the space we needed, and also aligned well with our beliefs and mission. However, when we toured Edina Community Lutheran Church, it seemed as though we had found the perfect place!

Together, LHCCC and ECLC have been working quickly to make this transition as seamless as possible. Obviously, it's a big change for everyone, but the more we work with ECLC, the more it becomes apparent that a move that's being made out of necessity is going to end up being an extremely positive change for LHCCC. We will miss Lake Harriet Christian Church immensely, but we are excited about our new location and our future at ECLC. 

So, what does our timeline look like? In November, ECLC officially voted to approve the partnership with LHCCC. Currently, we hope to be in our new location by July! 

Below are pictures of the new space. They are not set up as classrooms just yet, but we wanted everyone to get a feel for the new home of LHCCC! As always, please let me know if you have any questions at all!