COVID-19 Reporting & Information

Below, you will find the MDH Decision Tree, links to rapid PCR testing locations, and the COVID-19 Reporting Form. 

We make decisions about COVID-19 related school closures on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is always to stay open, however, we will be cautious about doing so when there is a positive case within the center. We take the following information into consideration when there is a positive case or close contact at LHCCC: 

  • What classroom was the child or teacher in and was there any possibility of contact with other classrooms?

  • When did they test positive and when was their last day at LHCCC?

  • For those who are close contacts: are they able to fully isolate from the person who tested positive?

  • Do teachers need to be tested and, if so, do we have enough staff to keep classrooms in ratio?

    • All staff at LHCCC are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 as well as up to date with available boosters. 


For positive cases or close contacts within the center, we follow the recommendation of MDH, as provided below.

Rapid PCR Testing Locations

Current MDH Isolation and Quarantine Guides

COVID-19 Reporting Form
Please fill out this form if your child has tested positive for COVID-19 or if they have been a close contact of somebody who has. We will contact you with further instructions or any questions we may have.

I have read and understand the MDH Decision Tree.

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