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    The Preschool Room is licensed for twenty children between the ages of 33 months and 4 years. Our two lead teachers in the Preschool are Ms. Melissa and Ms. Megan. Ms. Ilsa is the assistant teacher in the classroom. Both Ms. Melissa and Ms. Ilsa help the children learn Spanish through songs, stories, and group time activities. 

    The Preschool room loves to get their hands dirty! They love sensory activities, messy art projects, and being outside. As well, the class is always singing, dancing, and ready to play. In the Preschool, our students begin to have daily "jobs" to do. Whether they're the line leader, toy inspector, or weather helper, the children are beginning to learn to take responsibility for their environment, practice reasoning skills, and work as a group. As well, the Preschool has a specified circle time during which students are able to read and share stories, discuss current themes, and practice sitting and learning in a group setting. 

    The four-day tuition option for the Preschool Room is $240 a week. The five-day tuition option for the Preschool Room is $260 a week.